Mantelpiece Material

Give the hourglass a turn.
Three courses left to go.
Bromidic conversation.
I hide behind a smile.
His rudeness to the help.
Cuts me off at every word.
Stares deep into my eyes.
Remarks upon my beauty.
I struggle to look away.
From his receding hairline.
A fancy dress.
An expensive car.
A stroll along the beach.
Window shopping on the boardwalk.
He whispers in my ear.
There is nothing you can’t have.
It is the biggest lie of all.

The Square Peg, Round Hole Paradigm

He prefaced with each response,
“You’re such a nerd.”
I’m not.
I just have a higher IQ,
And like to read.
Am I really this shallow?
Or am I just that bored?
He’s an artist, a dog lover, an athlete.
Wholesome and philanthropic.
Yet here I am.
120 days.
12 weeks to go.
He told me not to stammer.
“For you hardly know me yet.”
I informed him that my shortness of words,
Had far to do with his close to perfect symmetry.
And much to do
With what little we have.
In common.