Black Tuesday on a Blue Sunday

The sense of rejection
The fear gets lost
The style gets good
The junction is here
There is always a point
The distance is close
I can’t see it now
A gentleman’s cap
A loose conversation
I passed the point
Fuck the silhouette burned
In the lids of my eyes
Your face is stained
Upon the face of my thought
And all that you have
Is the rest of your life
And all that I have
Is a stolen ballpoint
The billiards, the camels
The hands, the scent
The stare, the cats
I never came with intent
The best, the most
I’d never render less
Because I’d offer more,
But then again, you never made the point.

4 responses to “Black Tuesday on a Blue Sunday

  1. Hey Sophia. Hi! Long time no talk. I miss ya. How have you been?
    Where have you been up to? I missed you stopping by page.

    Incredible words and your emotions here are perfect and at point.
    May I ask what inspired you to write this amazing poem?

    P.S Hope to hear from you soon.

    ~Charlie Zero the Poet.

    • Hi Charlie,

      It’s been a while since I’ve been at this. Missed you too! Trying to read and write more though…

      And thanks. I suppose I was inspired by the unrealized reciprocity of wanting more than a friendship and my unworthiness behind it. Happens sometimes I suppose.

      I look forward to reading more of your latest writings as well.

      Take care. xx

      • Hi! Sophia yay!! You wrote back. Usually it takes you a long while to respond but thank you though for writing back to me. 🙂 I feel so happy that you are back. I was wondering what had happen to you before. I kept thinking about you and wondering what are you up to.
        That’s good that your writing more and reading. Writing does help the mind and progress more in writing and explore the imagination.

        So, I take it this poem was you trying to be in a relationship with this person but it didn’t turn out well?

        Does he still like you? or do you still have feelings for him? Or are you just going to move on?

        As a matter of fact. I just posted a new poem this morning. The title itself will peek your curiosity. 🙂

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